Kitchen Respray Specialists

We have been passionate about and have specialised in kitchens for more than 20 years, it’s in our DNA. We believe in customer service, quality, value and above all attention to detail. Contact us to get a kitchen facelift today.


  • Our team will arrive at your home whereupon all doors and drawer fronts will be removed to our workshop for finishing.
  • All parts of the kitchen that cannot be removed are meticulously masked, cleaned and prepared before spraying.
  • Once completely sprayed the whole kitchen will be de-masked and can be used.
    Back at our workshop the kitchen cabinet doors, drawer fronts and associated pieces are expertly prepared, sprayed and dried.
  • If new handles are being fitted, old handle holes will be filled and new ones drilled prior to spraying.
    Within a few days our team will return to refit the doors, drawer fronts and any associated pieces.
  • They will carry out adjustments and a final quality check to complete.


  • Your doors are in a good condition
  • You’re happy with the style of your door
  • You like your current kitchen layout
  • You want to refresh or change the look of your kitchen


  • Don’t throw out your old kitchen.
  • By utilising your existing kitchen rather than replacing it, you are not only getting a kitchen that looks fabulous you’re being kind to the environment. This is helping with world resources such as timbers used in doors and cabinets and metals used in hinges and runners.
  • And we are doing our bit.
  • Choosing to work with reusable cardboards and recyclable papers has made significant reductions in our use of plastic masking materials.
  • We use environmentally safer paints in all of our work. These have very low VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and very little odour.

Why Choose A Kitchen Respray?

Respraying existing kitchens is becoming more and more popular and if your kitchen is in good condition this could be a great option for you. A professional respray by one of our specialist teams will breathe new life into your tired or dated kitchen extending its life for years to come.

It’s a cost effective solution

Typically having your existing kitchen resprayed will save you around 70% when compared to a complete replacement.

Minimal disruption

Throughout the respray process our team will usually be in your home for only 2-3 days depending on the scale of work involved. It’s a lot less mess and far less stress.

Personalise your kitchen

Fantastic opportunity to personalise your kitchen. We can spray any colour you choose.


It’s a far greener option than choosing to replace

Anywhere In Kent & South East

We are based in Medway, perfectly positioned to service Kent & South East.

A family owned business

A family owned business with over 20 years experience in the kitchen industry.

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